Cara Memasak Apple Swan yang Gurih!

Apple Swan.

Apple Swan Kamu dapat menghidangkan Apple Swan hanya dengan menggunakan 1 bahan dan 25 langkah saja. Berikut ini bahan dan cara untuk membuatnya, yuk kita coba resep Apple Swan!

Bahan Apple Swan

  1. Siapkan 1 large of shiny pretty apple color and kind is up to u..

Cara membuat Apple Swan

  1. bring out apple, cutting board, a sharp knife and 2 butter knives..
  2. remove stem from apple..
  3. cut apple on slight angle so u cut the apple down the center of the core. one side will have the top, the other side the bottom..
  4. place the butt of the apple towards you. a butter knife on each side..
  5. slice apple on slight angle from center of half to just past the butt..down to the knife..
  6. then again sideways so ur forming a wedge and removing core at same time. cut slow and careful..
  7. do same with other side of the butt half of the apple..
  8. take one wedge and make same cuts, one straight up and down and one sideways to form an L shape and a wedge..
  9. set L shape aside, and repeat with the wedge again and again until u can't make any more wedges..
  10. stager ur L shapes,, this will be the wing. repeat with other wedge..
  11. now take the top half of the apple. and lay it between the butter knives..
  12. cut straight across making flat pieces. u will end up with several flat pieces of various sizes..
  13. choose the pieces that is heart shaped and looks nice on both sides..
  14. ur gonna make several cuts into this piece to make the head of your bird..
  15. see pictures.. (I just can't explain it well).
  16. cut one.
  17. cut three.
  18. cut three.
  19. cut four.
  20. save 2 apple seeds! place one on each side of the head for eyes..
  21. place wings on the largest apple slice. then place the birds head in between the wings. viola.. ur apple bird is complete!.
  22. if the head won't stay standing up or is too slanted, take one of ur extra pieces of apple and make a wedge to hold up the back of the neck. just place it where u need..
  23. sorry I'm not very good at explaining this. so I'm hoping the pictures willl help a lot with that. I saw this on pinterest..
  24. to keep swan from turning brown.. spritz with a bit of lemon juice..
  25. great for parties for kids, thanksging, xmas, anything to pretty up the table and a healthy snack!.