Cara Memasak Fruit chaat (navratri special) Anti Ribet!

Fruit chaat (navratri special). Fruit Chaat is the Indian version of the common fruit salad. Here we provide you an easy to cook Navratri special recipe of fruit chaat which can be eaten during a vrat. Watch the video and follow this step by step.

Fruit chaat (navratri special) Fruit chaats are big during Navratri, but have you tried the shakarkandi chaat? Yes, the same chatpata chaat you'll find on the streets. Made with boiled and peeled sweet potatoes and topped with lemon, rock salt and chaat masala, shakarkandi chaat is one of the most popular Navratri special. Kalian dapat menyiapkan Fruit chaat (navratri special) hanya dengan menggunakan 3 bahan dan 2 langkah saja. Berikut ini bahan dan cara untuk memasaknya, bikin Fruit chaat (navratri special) yuk!

Bahan Fruit chaat (navratri special)

  1. Gunakan As required of Apple, orange, pineapple, banana, cucumber.
  2. Dibutuhkan as required of Boiled and fried potatoes (optnl).
  3. Dibutuhkan as per taste of Rock salt, roasted cumin powder, lemon juice.

Aloo Fruit Chaat – Fruit Chaat Recipe for Vrat Navratri Fasting. Aloo fruit chaat is another refreshing dish for Navratri fasting, Falahari Chaat for Vrat, check out the recipe in Hindi below. Fruit chaat is a popular fruit salad served at Indo-Pakistani iftar tables. It's made with chaat masala, which brings a warm and spicy heat to fruit salad.

Langkah-langkah memasak Fruit chaat (navratri special)

  1. Cut ol fresh fruits and fry potatoes. Fruit chaat (navratri special)
  2. Add ol spices and lemon juice… Mix them… Enjoy😊.

Fruit chaat, a spiced fruit salad, is a ubiquitous iftar fruit dish, present on pretty much every South Asian iftar table. Navratri & Fasting Recipes. fruit chaat recipe – this is a Delhi style tasty fruit chaat recipe which is spiced, savory, sweet and tangy. Fruit chaat is made of a mix of fresh seasonal fruits and tubers like potatoes and sweet potatoes. The mixed fruit chaat is high in its dietary fibre content and is an ideal recipe for kids and aged people. Children will get excited when they hear chaat Fruit chaat is a simple and quick snack to prepare.