Resep: Fruits agar jelly yang Gurih!

Fruits agar jelly. Agar Jelly with FruitsAgar agar jelly with fruits. Agar is a vegan jello derive from seaweeds. It has a firm and crunchy texture.

Fruits agar jelly Easy homemade chilled fruit jelly dessert, perfect for cooling down from a hot day and impress your friends with this colorful treat. In Thailand it is easy to find Agar-agar is made from an algae that can convert liquids into jellies, you can buy it as fibers or. Agar-Agar Fruit Jelly Cake Agar-Agar Jelly Cake Recipe. Cara membuatnya pun tidak sulit, kawan-kawan dapat menyiapkan Fruits agar jelly hanya dengan menggunakan 5 bahan dan 5 langkah saja. Berikut ini bahan dan cara untuk membuatnya, yuk kita coba resep Fruits agar jelly!

Bahan-bahan Fruits agar jelly

  1. Diperlukan 3 g of poweder agar.
  2. Siapkan 300 cc of water.
  3. Siapkan of squeezed lemon.
  4. Dibutuhkan of fruits (peaches, green grapes, strawberries).
  5. Sediakan 30 g of sugar.

The Tropical Jelly Fruit Cake is the most popular recipe. Agar-agar is a vegetarian substance used to make jellies. Agar (/ˈeɪɡɑːr/ or /ˈɑːɡər/), or agar-agar, is a jelly-like substance, obtained from red algae. Agar is a mixture of two components: the linear polysaccharide agarose.

Langkah-langkah memasak Fruits agar jelly

  1. Soak fruits in the water with squeezed lemon to keep its color. Gently stir it by hand.
  2. Put fruits in the mould, I used silicon muffin mould, which is just nice size..
  3. Boil the remained water with agar and sugar.
  4. Pour boiled 3 into the mould. Wait until it's cooling down..
  5. Place it under fridge. wait approx 0.5-1 hour..

Agar agar fruit jelly cake step-by-step making guide. Even though the first and third layers are the same, I highly suggest that you cook each layer separately instead of keeping it warm. Tropical Jelly Fruit Cake dessert is an agar-agar fruit jelly cake with fresh fruit & coconut milk. Remove jelly on to a serving plate and top with fresh fruits. Beautiful and delicious Jelly Fruit Cake made with mixed fruits & agar-agar, coconut water.